Athena - MM API Documentation

Create an application

Sent GET request to{PROGRAM NAME}
    {PROGRAM NAME} = Program name
    Name must remain under 45 characters long

    Example response {"id":11,"name":"Athena","secret":"asdasddsasaddasadsdas"}"
    ID, NAME & SECRET Are included, these are crucial when being used in your application

How to use this data? See Below.

Register Nulled authentication Key & Login

Send GET request to{NULLEDAUTHKEY}&Hwid={HWID}&Distinct={PROGRAMID}
    {NULLEDAUTHKEY} = Users authentication key
    {HWID} = Users HWID
    {PROGRAMID} = Programs ID from response when registering an Application

    Correct response will look like this "323445484B33DD515E35D88D38C2192D34CD094FAFB25081BE360811ADCDE6A6"
    This means all details sent to the API have been valid, and has sent back a challenge to be completed within the application to authenticate the user.
    This is a SHA256 encrypted response.

Validate login response

    To validate a user's response you must compare the returned HASH with the following
    [HASHED with SHA256 to match the servers response.]
    {SPACE} = Individual space to be added, e.g " ",
    Example data to encrypt ("secret", " ", "authkey", " ", "hwid", " ", "timestamp")

If the HASH's match this is a valid response, if not the user should not be authenticated.